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The Toll of Infertility on Women

Who understands what a woman goes through when facing infertility? She is often plagued by questions. What is the issue? Can it be fixed? Why is this happening? There are four major areas where women particularly suffer when faced with the failure to conceive: social, economic, personal, and physical. Let’s take a look at each…
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A History of Infertility Treatments

Having children is important. In modern times, having children is seen as a choice in many countries, but it was once an essential part of human survival. Not only did having children ensure the continuation of a family or clan, but of an entire culture. This made infertility a serious issue, both personally and socially.…
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Food and Fertility Around the World

Do you know the old story of how to test a woman’s fertility? A clove of garlic was placed in her vaginal canal. A few hours later, if you could smell garlic on her breath, it meant she had a fertile body. (I want to personally thank modern science for debunking this practice.) The connection…
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Dr. Busingye: Transforming Uganda’s Healthcare

“Ensuring access to quality obstetric care is the primary way to improve the lives of mothers and their children.” Doctor Sister Priscilla Busingye just became the first African and the first woman to receive the L’Chaim Prize and its $500,000 for “Outstanding Christian Medical Missionary Service.” A panel of leaders in African clinical medicine selected…
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COVID-19 Vaccines and Pregnancy

“Vaccines are one of the greatest public health achievements of the 20th century. Before the widespread use of vaccines, people routinely died from infectious diseases…” In other words: Vaccines save lives. Here in the United States, COVID-19 related deaths have surpassed 400,000 people. At the same time, two vaccines have been approved by the FDA.…
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Understanding Supply Chain Disruption

“Supply Chains Disrupted: Suppliers and Consumers Suffer Under Pandemic” Does this headline look familiar? Chances are you’ve seen something like this in the news regularly lately. Chances are even better that you’ve experienced the effects of supply chain disruption: late mail, suppliers short of stock, empty shelves at the grocer, etc. Supply Chain Disruption There…
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How COVID-19 is Affecting Pregnancy Rates

Pregnancy rates are generally expected to rise amidst the pandemic and not just because everyone’s stuck at home. The numerous shutdowns caused by COVID-19 have cut off access to birth control for many. According to an estimate by the UNFPA, for every three months a shutdown lasts, 2 million women risk losing access to contraception.…
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Average Age of Mothers Around the World

It’s no secret that each country and each culture have different concepts of motherhood. This includes different perceptions of the best time to become a new mother. Of course, socioeconomic status, regional traditions, and other factors play into this perception. Nevertheless, here’s how the numbers break down. Top countries with the oldest average for first-time…
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Doctors, Take Care of Yourselves, Too

Let out a cathartic scream if you’re exhausted by COVID-19 and all its complications to your life, body, community, and… everything. Now that you’ve thoroughly frightened a few people, let’s have some real talk. COVID-19 has forced a new lifestyle on you In addition to patient care and keeping up on the latest advancements, now you…
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What is “Slow Release Insemination”?

Most women want to become pregnant as naturally as possible and women facing infertility are no exception. To improve treatment options for infertility, doctors developed the “Slow Release Insemination” system. This process mimics the natural process of fertilization which typically takes place over the course of several hours– or even days– following intercourse. Here are…
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