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Average Age of Mothers Around the World

It’s no secret that each country and each culture have different concepts of motherhood. This includes different perceptions of the best time to become a new mother. Of course, socioeconomic status, regional traditions, and other factors play into this perception. Nevertheless, here’s how the numbers break down. Top countries with the oldest average for first-time…
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Doctors, Take Care of Yourselves, Too

Let out a cathartic scream if you’re exhausted by COVID-19 and all its complications to your life, body, community, and… everything. Now that you’ve thoroughly frightened a few people, let’s have some real talk. COVID-19 has forced a new lifestyle on you In addition to patient care and keeping up on the latest advancements, now you…
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What is “Slow Release Insemination”?

Most women want to become pregnant as naturally as possible and women facing infertility are no exception. To improve treatment options for infertility, doctors developed the “Slow Release Insemination” system. This process mimics the natural process of fertilization which typically takes place over the course of several hours– or even days– following intercourse. Here are…
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Infertility and its Effect on Couples

Anna Averina has been working in the field of infertility and women’s health for over 3 years. Now that she’s a part of the Thomas Medical family, we interviewed Anna on her experiences and opinions about this intimate topic. Here, Anna focuses on how the challenges of infertility can impact a couple. What’s it like…
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Common Causes of Infertility in Women and How to Overcome Them

Up 18% of couples have trouble getting or staying pregnant. That’s 1 out of every 5 couples. Infertility and pregnancy and infant loss are real issues that aren’t often talked about, but like every challenge, understanding the situation is the first step to overcoming it. Here are some questions to consider if you’re a woman facing…
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COVID-19 Message from Thomas Medical

At Thomas Medical, we put families first.  As we watch the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus interrupt the very fabric of what family is, you can be sure that we are with you.  We are proud to support healthcare workers every day, and now more than ever. At present, there is no interruption in our…
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MADE IN THE USA: Should You Care?

You may be thinking “aren’t products made overseas generally less expensive?” or “should I really be concerned about where my equipment is coming from?” In the US Healthcare System, the answer to both of those questions is a resounding “yes”. And here’s why. The most obvious benefit to making Thomas Medical products in the US…
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