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Thomas Medical, Inc. is a manufacturer of single-use medical devices and accessories for women’s health. We manufacture HS catheters and procedure trays, uterine manipulators (UMI), injectors, endometrial samplers, IUI catheters and LEEP/LLETZ electrodes. Our products are used in thousands of hospitals, surgery centers, radiology/imaging centers, fertility/IVF clinics and OB/GYN practices throughout the world. Our medical devices are made to the highest standards in the industry.


We are proud to announce that Thomas Medical has been acquired by MedGyn Products, Inc., a global leader in women’s health. Thomas Medical has had a longstanding reputation for providing quality medical products to the healthcare provider community that has spanned decades. We look forward to working with our customers to provide a seamless transition so that we can serve patients and their healthcare providers best. Please feel free to contact +1 800.556.0349 or sales@thomasmedical.com if you have any questions.


We are available by phone or email between 8:30AM and 5:00PM CT.

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