“The Audrey Hepburn Childrens House medical staff has had the opportunity to purchase and operate the MedGyn AL-106 digital video colposcope with imagining system. The AL-106 model is compact and lightweight. These features allows for better instrument manageability and maneuverability when compared to other cumbersome and heavier colposcopes. The resolution of the images generated by the AL-106 far surpasses those obtained by other models. Due to the AL-106 model’s enhanced resolution, greater magnification and superior picture quality the caliber of anatomical detailed observed results in an easier differential diagnostic process. The mechanical functions of the AL-106 are user friendly and fingertips ready. Most of our younger patients appear less apprehensive towards this model’s slimline appearance in contrast to our older bulkier colposcope. This readier acceptance translates into a more fluid examination process. Overall the AL-106 model has been readily accepted by our staff. We are still processing the vast capabilities of the accompanying software.”