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Infertility Diagnostic Products from Thomas Medical

A Mission of Hope

Are you aware the fertility rate throughout the world is on a steady decline? The current global fertility rate in 2022 is 2.428 births per women, a 0.41% decline from 2021. There has been a consistent decline by 0.41% over the last three years.  Some causes may include ovulation disorders, uterine and cervical abnormalities, fallopian…
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Road to Parenthood

The road to parenthood can be a bumpy one. Fortunately, for some it can be a straight and narrow path, but for others it can involve many twists and turns. Some of those unexpected obstacles may include infertility. There are more than 3 million cases of infertility per year in the United States. It’s estimated…
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HSG Catheters Are Made in the USA and Available!

If there are 3 words that have been heard far too often this year, it would be: Supply Chain Disruption. It has affected practically every industry in the marketplace. However, Thomas Medical owns 4 words that aren’t heard enough right now: Made in the USA. Thomas Medical is committed to production solely in the USA.…
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