Infertility Care

Embryo Transfer Catheter

The Embryo Transfer Catheter is used to place in vitro fertilized (IVF) embryos into the uterine cavity. The single, plastic catheter is loaded with the embryo and smoothly introduced through the cervical canal up to 1- 2cm from the uterine fundus, while trying to avoid touching the fundus under ultrasound guidance. Length of Embryo Transfer Catheter is 18 to 23cm.
  • The transfer catheter’s echogenic tip improves visibility under ultrasound
  • Guide catheter is curved to facilitate insertion
  • Guide catheter's rounded bulb tip eases passage through the cervix
  • Transfer catheter is soft and flexible
  • The cervical stop comes set at 4 cm and can be adjusted to 5 cm for accurate placement
  • Catheters are packaged in separate sterile pouches
  • Length: Embryo Transfer Catheter is 18 to 23cm.
  • Box Qty: 10 ea.
  • TMI1290 Embryo Transfer Catheter (10/Box)
Made in the USA, Thomas Medical’s Embryo Transfer Catheter is an essential for an Embryologist. Each item is individually checked with the highest quality standard in the industry, delivering a consistent experience.