ADDISON, Ill.Sept. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — MedGyn (, a leading innovator in women’s healthcare and a U.S.-based supplier of medical device products, today announced that through one of its subsidiaries it has completed the acquisition of Thomas Medical ( from Biomerics ATL, LLC, based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Thomas Medical has a longstanding reputation that has spanned decades as a reliable brand for single-use medical devices and accessories. The Company is currently based in Indianapolis, IN and focuses on U.S.-based manufacturing for its products in order to provide reliable supply to its customers while meeting the highest quality standards.

“This acquisition underscores MedGyn’s strong commitment to both patients and healthcare professionals by continuing to provide trusted products and services in women’s healthcare. While we focus on domestic manufacturing, the breadth of our distribution network is global and includes over 140 countries.  We look forward to providing our customers reliable access to Thomas Medical’s high-quality portfolio of products,” said Lakshman Agadi, CEO & Chairman of MedGyn.

Thomas Medical manufacture products that are essential to quality care for many women’s health procedures. Their portfolio includes HS catheters and procedure trays, uterine manipulators (UMI), injectors, endometrial samplers, IUI catheters and LEEP/LLETZ electrodes. The products are used in thousands of hospitals, surgery centers, radiology/imaging centers, fertility/IVF clinics and OB/GYN practices. All products are FDA cleared and CE marked.

Thomas Medical will operate as an independent division of MedGyn. All products will continue to be manufactured in the United States without any disruption. Thomas Medical will be retaining its brand. The acquisition is effective immediately.

More About MedGyn

MedGyn is dedicated to developing trusted products for women’s healthcare. For over 45 years MedGyn has been committed to the industry as a privately-run business. The company is based in Chicago, IL and its products and services now span across the globe. As the needs of women’s healthcare have evolved, so too has the company’s portfolio to include areas of significant unmet demand such as cancer, reproductive health, and maternal health. Further, MedGyn has taken upon itself to ensure that its social responsibility to the world is also its corporate responsibility. Innovation has always been a core value for MedGyn. Their desire to drive innovation stems from the Company’s dedicated vision to improve the quality of health for women worldwide. MedGyn has spent significant investment in R&D to discover therapies for cervical cancer therapy, family planning, infertility, pre and postnatal care, and uterine prolapse. Most recently, MedGyn was the recipient of the Exporter of the Year Award by the State of Illinois in 2019 and 2015, Chicago’s Best and the Brightest Companies to Work for in 2020, and the Malcolm Baldrige Interest in Excellence Award in 2020.