MedGyn Products proudly celebrates 40 years! In 1975, MedGyn launched the AL- 102 binocular colposcope, a necessary equipment used by OB/GYNs to examine the cervix. Since then, MedGyn added four binocular colposcopes in its line and in 2003 launched its first digital colposcope, the AL-106 and most recently the AL-106 HD Digital Video Colposcope. MedGyn’s specialty in Gynecology Oncology increasingly grew with its addition of the Cryotherapy System. The product is used around the world particularly in underdeveloped countries to treat cervical cancer. The product is used by leading physicians and was also reviewed by the World Health Organization. Currently MedGyn partners with leadings NGOs to deliver improved healthcare with the use of the Cryotherapy System.

This year MedGyn celebrates its 40th anniversary and manufactures and distributes over 1,000 products in therapies including Gynecology Oncology, Obstetrics, Infertility, and Urogynecology. MedGyn exports to 100 countries and was also the recipient of the State of Illinois Exporter of the Year Award in 2014. Our future success is to continue developing innovative high quality products to improve women’s healthcare worldwide!