“When I first started at MedGyn, there was a whole lot that I needed to learn. I was scared to talk on the phone, I was afraid that I was going to say something wrong, and that I was not going to remember anything! All those things happened and was very apparent. One of the things I learned is that it is okay to mess up or not know something, you gain so much more respect and credibility with the person you are talking to by just being honest. Honesty is highly appreciated in this job!

“I was able to be so much more resourceful to my customers just by listening to my boss and my colleagues handle conversations that I may not have had to do before. That really helped me become better with my customer service and my relationships with my customers.

“I take a lot of pride in my work and I have gained a great amount of knowledge and relationships with my time here and I appreciate everything that everyone at MedGyn has been able to provide me during my almost 3 years here to help me get to where I am now. My boss always takes the time to help even when he has a million other things to do. My coworkers are amazing as I was able to ask any of them for help or just to talk and get advice if l needed it. And the Agadis are a great resource with an abundance of knowledge, willing to share it at any time.”

“I wanted to personally thank you for the opportunity that I was given at MedGyn. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here and learned more than I could have imagined. I know the skills that I have learned and improved will better prepare me for the future.”

“We are more than just a company, we are honestly a family and I have never ever had this type of feeling in a work environment. There have been a lot of laughs here and I will cherish them all.

“MedGyn Products, Inc. is my third Company I had worked for. As a career woman enjoying what I am doing as an Accountant, working almost 46 years since I came to US. Thank you to the management staff, especially to Mr. L. Agadi, who gave me the opportunity to work and contribute my knowledge and experience. I will never forget you and wish good health and happiness to you and your family.”

“In many ways MedGyn was like any other company. We came up with ideas, discussed them, kept some, discarded others, found new sales channels. We met in the hallway, in each other’s offices. We talked about our kids. We had sales meetings. We cared about each other. We had doughnuts.

“But that does not begin to describe what it was like to work at MedGyn. There was a certain alchemy there. One important element was my international teammates. Collectively, we had hundreds of years of experiences, different experiences brought together to form a cohesive unit. International experiences, some including sales experience, to be used differently in different markets. But more than our experience, what made my team extraordinary was our great respect for one another’s ideas, opinions and background, sense of humor, and food interests; and our dogged determination to make our task the best that it could be.

“Another element of our bewitching brew was my fellow employees, hard work in production, in procurement, in operations and, of course, our much-beloved HR and A/R. These were the people who made sure that those of us on the frontline, in sales, generally looked good, both while at our desks or when face-to-face with customers.

“The final element that made working at MedGyn rewarding was, of course, my overseas customers. Without them, I wouldn’t have the thrill of seeing initial meetings -virtual or in person- turn into relationships, into ideas and later into mutual plans, see them bud, grow, bloom, and flourish. Without them, I’d have had no daily fun, no excitement… …no disappointments. Without some of them, I would have fewer global friends today.

“The work I did, the friends I’ve made, and the people in whose lives I have made even a small difference provided the foundation for a good work life for almost 11 years.”

“I applaud you and the culture of MedGyn/Thomas Medical. The people are committed and true in their work and values. I appreciate what I learned and experienced while being part of your team. I am blessed to be chosen and given the chance to work with you,”

“I still remember when I first visited Thomas Medical. I was moved when I read the words written on the wall: “Quality is Everyone’s Job.” I think this is the best quote if you want to build a good medical product. I chatted with most of the people in the factories and I found out that the major reason why they kept working at the factory. It was not only their salaries, but faith that the products they are making are helpful to society. For example, I was incredibly moved. This is where the best teams start. I hope when my family is eventually sent to intensive care, it is a Thomas Medical electrode that keeps them with me and delays that final goodbye.”