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**Notice regarding Electronic Instructions for Use (eIFU)**

Thomas Medical will no longer include printed Instructions for Use (IFU) with most shipments.

If you would like a printed copy at no extra cost, please contact us at 800.566.0349 or Click Here to email us an IFU request. All printed copies will be mailed within 7 calendar days.

HSG Catheters
Product Name Product Number Literature Type
HSG Catheter Data Sheet PDF
HSG Procedure Kit Data Sheet PDF
HS Shapeable Catheter TMI1185, TMI1187 IFU
HS Catheter TMI1155, TMI1154 IFU
Steen Open-tip HS Catheter TMI1188 IFU
Miller Advance Catheter TMI2002 IFU
eZinject Catheter TMI1162-HF IFU
HSG Procedure Tray TMI1157, TMI1160, TMI1161, TMI1198, TMI1199, TMI1171 Disposable Cervical Dilator/Os Finder IFU IFU MedGyn Products, Inc. LED Speculum IFU IFU obp ER-Spec Speculum IFU IFU HS Catheter IFU (Not Included in TMI1157)IFU
Product Name Product Number Literature Type
Uterine Manipulator Data Sheet PDF
Electro Surgery
Product Name Product Number Literature Type
Electrodes - Loop, Square, Ball LE-XX-YYY IFU Data Sheet PDF
Product Name Product Number Literature Type
Os Finders and Uterine Sounds OS-01-050 and US-01-025 Data Sheet PDFDisposable Cervical Dilator/Os Finder IFUDisposable Uterine Sound IFU
Document Name Literature Type
New Customer Application PDF
Product Name Literature Type
Terms & Conditions PDF