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Loop Electrode

Loop Electrode

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Loop Electrode

Outfitted with tungsten wire, Thomas Medical’s electrodes evenly distribute the electrical current, eliminating “hot spots.” We offer 8 different sizes in loop electrodes, ranging from 10 x 5mm to 25 X 10mm. A standard shaft length of 13cm (5”) makes these electrodes compatible with industry standard wands. Each electrode is individually checked with the highest quality standard in the industry, delivering a clean, reliable experience.



8 sizes ranging from 10 x 5mm to 25 x 10mm

• Tungsten wire eliminates hot-spots
• Industry standard shaft length



• Shaft Length: 13cm (5″)
• Sterilization Method: ETO
• Box Qty: 20 ea.
• Sizes: 10mm x 5mm (LE-04-105) | 10mm x 10mm (LE-05-101) | 15mm x 8mm (LE-07-158) | 15mm x 10mm (LE-26-150) | 20mm x 8mm (LE-09-208) | 20mm x 10mm (LE-24-201) | 20mm x 15mm (LE-11-205) | 25mm x 10mm (LE-12-251)



LE-04-105 – 10 x 5mm, Loop Electrode
LE-05-101 – 10 x 10mm, Loop Electrode
LE-07-158 – 15 x 8mm, Loop Electrode
LE-26-150 – 15 x 10mm, Loop Electrode
LE-09-208 – 20 x 8mm, Loop Electrode
LE-24-201 – 20 x 10mm, Loop Electrode
LE-11-205 – 20 x 15mm, Loop Electrode
LE-12-251 – 25 x 10mm, Loop Electrode


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10mm x 5mm, 10mm x 10mm, 15mm x 8mm, 15mm x 10mm, 20mm x 8mm, 20mm x 10mm, 20mm x 15mm, 25mm x 10mm