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HSG Procedure Kit Without Catheter

HSG Procedure Kit Without Catheter

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HSG Procedure Kit Without Catheter

  1. MedGyn SPECULUM: Our HSG procedure kits feature a pre-lit LED specula.
    • Each ER-SPEC (size Medium) comes ready for use, with an integrated ultra-bright LED that is seated in the field of view for maximum brightness
    • 30+ minutes of bright, cool light
    • Patented locking hinges offer added strength and stability
  2. Prep in 1 Sterile Field: Our HSG procedure kits have the PVP solution, lubricating jelly, and PVP ointment all inside the tray reducing procedure prep and set up time.
  3. PVC Free: All of our HS catheter are PVC free and can be purchased separately or part of (inside) the procedure kit.
Not made with natural rubber latex.
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Sterilization Method: ETO
Speculum Type: MedGyn Disposable LED Speculum, Medium
Box Qty: 10 ea.

Catheter available inside procedure kit upon request

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