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Histologics Soft ECC

Histologics Soft ECC

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Histologics Soft ECC

The Histologics Soft ECC and Soft ECC-S (short) are designed to provide abundant trans-epithelial histology samples.

Ease of use: insert and rotate to gently scrape, not the old “insert and withdraw” sharp technique
Minimally invasive design
Abundant histological sample: simultaneous tissue collection and storage of the specimen for transport
Process as is customary for endocervical sample in the laboratory.
The Soft ECC-S® is a smaller pad size, designed for the shallow, short or stenotic cervix.

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SKU: HT-02-025 Soft ECC
SKU: HT-03-025 Soft ECC-S (short)
Length: 21cm
Box Qty: 25 ea.