Surgical Care

K-UMI Uterine Manipulator/Injector

  • Pinch-grip handle allows for quick and effective repositioning
  • Slender shaft diameter (5.0mm) for easy insertion
  • Unique pear-shaped balloon conforms to anatomy and creates a secure seal to prevent leaks
  • Flexible extension prevents cracking of luer fitting
  • Beveled catheter tip reduces trauma to the uterine wall
  • Latex and PVC free, non-DEHP
  • O.D./French Size: 5.0mm/15Fr
  • Sterilization Method: ETO
  • Maximum Balloon Volume: 10cc
  • Length: 33cm/13"
  • Box Qty: 12 ea.
  • Standard Procedures: Laparoscopic Procedures, Laparoscopic Tubal Occlusion, Diagnostic Laparoscopy, Salpingoplasty
  • TMI6003 - K-UMI Uterine Manipulator/Injector
Enhanced features to support visualization of the uterus during pelvic laparoscopic procedures.