Surgical Care

Ball Electrode

  • 2 sizes ranging from 10 x 5mm to 25 x 10mm
  • Tungsten wire eliminates hot-spots
  • Industry standard shaft length
  • Shaft Length: 13cm (5")
  • Sterilization Method: ETO
  • Box Qty: 20 ea.
  • Sizes: 3mm diameter (LE-13-003), 5mm diameter (LE-14-005)
  • LE-13-003 - 3mm Diameter, Ball Electrode
  • LE-14-005 - 5mm Diameter, Ball Electrode
Made from stainless steel, Thomas Medical’s ball electrodes cauterize wounds quickly and efficiently. We offer 2 sizes in ball electrodes, ranging 3mm and 5mm in diameter. A standard shaft length of 13cm (5”) makes these electrodes compatible with industry standard wands. Each electrode is individually checked with the highest quality standard in the industry, delivering a clean, reliable experience.