Endometrial Biopsy Sampler


Endometrial Suction Curette with Flexible Cervical Dilator

All endometrial samplers are vacuum tested to ensure each product pulls a usable sample

1. Malleable, non-metallic instruments
2. Blunt tips
3. Centimeter markings on the curette
4. Solid tapered tip and minimum outer diameter combine for safe and comfortable introduction
5. Super suction and sharp curette opening ensure for a reliable sample collection
6. Optimal sample retrieval
7. Firm, flexible cannula prevents kinking on insertion
8. Small outer diameter simplifies introduction
9. Does not contain natural rubber Latex and is non-DEHP

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  • Disposable Obgyn Products
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  • Endometrial Biopsy Sampler
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Thomas Medical
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TMI 1175

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